Our Faculty


Candace Kalwajtys 

Artistic Director & Head Coach

Certified Instructor

Acrobatic Arts | Acro Dance Teacher Association (ADTA)

ADA Hand Balancing | Alixa Flexibility 

NCCP Artistic Gymnastics Foundations | Active Start

Candace has always had a true passion for the performing arts.

Her love for gymnastics and dance started at the age of three after the first time she performed on stage, ran off, and said, “Can I do that again?”


As her gymnastics journey moved into competitive levels, Candace was fortunate to attend the Victoria School of Performing Arts, which allowed her to grow and be part a variety of arts training.  Her commitment to dance and performing on the stage led her to decide it was time to dedicate her life to the arts. Thoroughly studying the disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap and Musical Theatre, Candace travelled and worked with top choreographers around North America. She received many awards and scholarships throughout her training. Having the opportunity to train longer hours and under the instruction of some of Edmonton's most influential instructors, Candace developed a strong appreciation and understanding for the art form through the knowledge and passion that has been passed down to her. 



With over a decade of experience as a dance and acrobatic educator, choreographer and coach in the community, Candace is driven to challenge herself to continue to grow and develop her teaching methods through continuous education and training 


- - - Candace’s goal is to share her passion and knowledge with all her students and to offer them opportunities to achieve their own personal success.  


Michelle McBride

Michelle began her training with R.A.D. ballet, but became a multi disciplined dancer shortly after. She has studied Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Modern, Musical Theatre/acting, piano, as well as Ukrainian, Latin and Polynesian dancing. Michelle has been fortunate to study under many talented instructors over the years, abroad and at home, including Alberta Ballet’s Ruth Carse and Shumka’s Terry Mucha.


At a young age Michelle joined a performance company that toured Canada and the United States, enriching her enthusiasm for performing on stage. Today she continues her dance/acro education through classes with Leaders in Fitness, IBBFA, Acrobatic Arts, ADTA, CLI, Mather Dance Company, yoga and strength training. Michelle performed with local Polynesian group, Tropical Breeze.


Her mother was a teacher and passed down the gene to inspire and nurture children. She has taught dance in New York, where she choreographed a student summer production of "Grease" and studied ballet and jazz in New Zealand. She always came back to Edmonton where she felt most at home. Teaching is a passion she thrives on, always wanting to share her adoration for the arts with her students.


As well as the performing arts, Michelle has a strong passion and talent for visual arts. She holds a bachelor of Visual Communication Design from the University of Alberta, where she studied many art forms that included drama, film, art and design. Her design profession has led her to creatively direct local television commercials and direct animated shorts. Michelle currently teaches design courses at MacEwan University and is the marketing director for Acrobatic Arts.


Michelle is a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor and Adjudicator and is excited to share her love of AcroDance.


Allison San Martin-Feeney

ADTA (Intermediate Certified, Advanced in progress) | Acrobatic Arts (Module 1 and 2 Certified) | 

Alixa Flexibility (Module 1-4) | ADAPT Jazz and Tap Certified | Aerial Dance Academy (Foundations, and Module 1 Certified) | Bachelor of Sciences

Allison is an experienced dance educator and choreographer from Edmonton, AB. She grew up dancing at Edmonton Dance Factory, Edmonton School of Ballet, and spent time training at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. She has performed with Edmonton Festival Ballet, Edmonton Contemporary Dancers, and The U of A Dance Team before discovering her passion for teaching dance.


Allison holds a number of teaching certifications: ADAPT Jazz and Tap Syllabus, Acro Dance Teachers Association, Acrobatic Arts, Alixa Flexibility, and is a certified Hand Balancing coach through Aerial Dance Academy.


Currently, Allison teaches a variety of dance styles in both recreational and competitive settings and is a faculty member at the Acro Dance Teachers Association. Allison is proud to be an active member of the dance community in Canada and is passionate about sharing her expertise and experience.


Allison’s teaching has a strong focus on building strength and flexibility in her dancers which allows them to succeed in dance while keeping their bodies safe. She believes in shaping dancers who have a love and understanding of their bodies, an appreciation of hard work, and a desire to continually push the boundaries of their art form. 


Breanna Louie-Poon

BSc Kin


Breanna’s love for dance originated at the age of 3 during her very first creative movement dance class. This passion for music and movement grew with every class she attended. It was not long until Breanna decided to commit to competitively training in multiple different genres including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip Hop. During her training, Breanna was fortunate to train under many highly-accredited choreographers and dance instructors, which led to the achievement of many awards, special awards and scholarships. Alongside her dance training, Breanna was provided the opportunity to expand her teaching experience as a student teacher at the age of 13. From her first class, Breanna knew that she wanted to teach and share with others about the joys of dancing and moving. By age 17, Breanna started teaching her own Creative Movement dance classes and has since had the opportunity to instruct many wonderful individuals, from babies to adults, in a variety of different genres.  


Breanna has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree (with distinction) from the University of Alberta (April 2020). During her 4 years of schooling, she was able to combine her passions for dance, movement, and science to expand her knowledge in a variety of areas including fundamental movement skills, strength and conditioning and injury management and prevention. Currently, Breanna is expanding her knowledge in the teaching profession as she takes on an after-degree in Elementary Education!


Amber Durrant


Amber has always been driven to the art of dance and acrobatics. She started dancing at the age of 6, studying Hip Hop and Jazz, but as she got older, found her passion in acrobatics and Contemporary. She is also trained in Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, and Tap.
She is certified with Acrobatic Arts and is working on more certifications. Her dedication to learn as a new teacher has given her the opportunity to assist many classes of all ages.

Amber has always had a strong focus on motivation with her students, and is a firm believer that every student is capable of anything as long as they keep a positive mindset and manifest success.
Amber has been fortunate to be offered a spot at The Source Dance Company, as well as an audition invitation to attend École Nationale de Cirque, but decided to pass up the opportunities to pursue other dreams. She is now a student at MC College studying Hairstyling.

Cheri Berg 

Owner/Business Manager

Member of Dance Safe Alberta

Cheri is a mother of three active athletes. She has been a dance mom, soccer mom, hockey/goalie mom, wrestling mom, track and field mom, and more. She understands the demands on dedicated sport athletes and their families. She is familiar with sport specific training, the importance of cross training, nutrition, and the need for balance across all aspects of sport and life.

Her desire is to help meet all the needs of our VDC athletes. She looks forward to enhancing and supporting the vibrant dance community in and around Edmonton, and helping our dancers and athletes of all levels achieve their goals and dreams.

Cheri is an air traffic controller and will strive to provide the same dedication and precision to the care and training of the dancers at VDC that she has provided to countless pilots and passengers over the past twenty-six years.