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About Velocity


Acro Dance combines elements of dance with acrobatic skills that are found in gymnastics. Acro dancers learn skills through progressions to perfect rolls, cartwheels, limbers and flips! Acro is defined by its athletic character and its unique combinations -- seamlessly blending dance and acrobatics. Our students develop strength, confidence, focus, and flexibility.

At Velocity Complex, everyone will find a class that’s perfect just for them. With options for Babies (parented), Tots (parented & non-parented), Kids, Teens, and Adults; for all levels of ability. Come AcroPLAY with us!

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Try a summer drop in! Email for more information


Guaranteed at Velocity Complex:

— small class sizes for optimal individualized coaching

— certified and experienced coaching team

— safe training environment with foam flooring and special equipment 

— inclusive community that aims to serve the needs of all athletes

We pride ourselves on ensuring every athlete that walks through our door receives training that will inspire them to be the best they can be. 




At Velocity Complex we believe in offering students guidance for personal growth and independence. We supply only the safest techniques and methods for individuals with quality instructional time while training with our certified coaching team.

Velocity Complex promotes positive self esteem and mentorship for all our athletes. We encourage students to be confident and trust their own journey and experiences; creating opportunity for all to excel.

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