About Velocity

Our Story

Our story started quite a few years ago when Miss Candace was teaching at a little neighbourhood dance studio. One of her tiny dancers was incredibly inspired by her. Miss Candace was a favoured teacher for several years. She even choreographed a duet for the little dancer and her bestie. Times changed and the paths of the teacher and the dancer diverged. Miss Candace started focusing on teaching acro. The little dancer kept dancing but missed the favoured teacher! She insisted on searching out opportunities to learn from Miss Candace, no matter how far her taxi driver had to take her. 

Miss Candace shared her dream and vision for a specialized acro studio and dance complex. The seed of a plan was planted and Velocity Dance Complex & Acrobatics was born. While our story began years ago, we're now just at the beginning of our journey. We're so excited to grow with you and for you. Let the adventure begin!

Our Mission

Velocity provides an inclusive community to serve the needs of all dancers and acrobats and athletes alike. We pride ourselves on ensuring every athlete that walks through our door receives training that will inspire them to be the best they can be. 


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Our Philosophy

At Velocity Dance Complex & Acrobatics we believe in offering students guidance for personal growth and independence. We supply only the safest technique methods for individuals with quality instructional time, while training with our certified coaching team.

Velocity promotes positive self esteem and mentorship for all our athletes. We encourage students to be confident and trust their own journey and experiences

- - - creating opportunity for all to excel.